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she walks down the narrow space
dressed in all white, covered with lace
the man dressed in black awaits her
some sort of reaper: they say
  taking her from the life she knew
painted on her face is happiness
money can get you a lot of things
she’ll find out the hard way:
 til death do us a part
they say 

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Must’ve been Love

Resting effortlessly, not a care in the world
There were two of us, us against the world
But its over now
I remember my heart beat, fast, irregular,
I miss that feeling of a heart dysfunction
It must’ve been love
Things have changed my heart now regular
It is me now not us against the world,

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I always said no not me
The intertwined hands
Along where the sand meets sea
I always said no not me
Fearing the action to flee
Wanting so desperately to stay 
I always said no not me
I know they mean what they say 

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So I finally have this created. It’s sole purpose is for me to participate in poetry month, but maybe I’ll use it outside of that. I look forward to seeing my poetry get better by the end of the month. Especially since it is something I have never been good at writing or reading.